Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adios, Christmas tree...hello kitchen

Friday night Josh and I took down our Christmas tree, an activity that always makes me a little sad even though I know if we kept it up all year it'd lose some of its magic. At least the "after" picture was pretty entertaining.

Josh removed the branches for recycling, leaving it with sort of a Seussian profile. You can see "Moon at Magome" sitting on the floor to the left. Not sure quite where to put it just yet.

Also, this week Josh and I have been trying something new -- I guess it's called "cooking"? It's where instead of someone else making food for you to eat, you make it yourself. Weird, right?

Anyway, we've been giving the whole cooking thing a try, in part inspired by the film Julie & Julia. We watched it Sunday night, and I came home Monday to find Josh had bought swordfish and veggies and was ready to rock. So we made this sort of breaded fish dish that turned out quite tasty, despite some bok choy-related obstacles. Then later this week we tried out a shrimp stir-fry and beef tacos in lettuce shells.

All of it has been decent, if not spectacular; it's a good start and sort of fun once you get in the groove. On Saturday morning I was even so motivated that I got up and made some blueberry scones (from a mix). They turned out all right, but I'm not giving Icing on the Cake a run for their money just yet.

What should we make this week?


Blogger Susan said...

Why don't you make something from the recipes I gave you awhile back? Or, you can do as Sara does, and go on epicurious and choose recipes which are four star rated. She has never gone wrong. Good luck and I'm proud of you!

12:44 PM  

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